Mission Statement

E.I.S. Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. treats its customers as partners.

Our flexibility, customer orientation and superior price-performance ratio enable our customers to deliver their products in perfect condition, on time and economically.

E.I.S. Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. is located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, approximately 400 kms south east of Delhi. We operate in our own workshops and on customers' sites.

Operations and Quality Management are closely linked to the German shareholding company E.I.S. Electronics GmbH (www.eis-electronics.de).

We secure our work places by perfect quality and on-time performance at a fair price - you can always rely on this!


E.I.S. Electronics GmbH is certified according to EN 9100:2009, which includes DIN ISO 9001:2008. This latest Quality Management System is the basis to perform to the high standards of Aerospace Industry with regards to Design, Manufacturing and Maintenance Organisation for Aviation and according to AQAP 2120 by the Federal office for Defence Technology and Procurement, BWB. www.eis-electronics.de/en/qualitate.html.

E.I.S. Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. will start with an ISO 9001:2008 certification and acquire higher level certificates step by step.

Staff in India will be trained by German Experts in Germany and in India. German Quality Management combined with Indian spirit and devotion should result in perfect products at an attractive cost level.